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At some point in life, most people will need an Attorney, and, when you do, you want an attorney that you can trust. An attorney with experience, dedication, and grit to make sure you get the best legal representation possible. At The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm, our attorneys have been serving our community for years. We’ve recovered MILLIONS of dollars for accident victims in cases involving injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injury and death. We’ve won social security benefits for clients who had previously felt hopeless and given up. We’ve stood up to abusive spouses in divorce cases and fought for the rights of children of divorce. We’ve protected the constitutional rights of criminal defendants and made sure that our clients were not trampled over by the legal system. With our broad legal knowledge and experience, you can’t go wrong hiring The Shelnutt Law Firm. There’s no need to look any further than our qualified attorneys and staff.

To discover how our law firm can help you, please contact The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm today by calling 256-547-4988.

Accident and Injury Practice Areas

If you’ve been in an accident, would it matter to you if your Attorney actually had “hands-on” experience investigating accidents? Would it matter if your attorney had a track record of obtaining large settlements for past clients? Our founding attorney, James Shelnutt, has investigated thousands of accidents both as a police officer standing on accident scenes and as an attorney fighting against insurance companies and their high-powered lawyers to recover millions of dollars for accident victims. Our team’s diverse legal background gives our clients an advantage when facing a legal battle. If you or a loved one has been injured in any way, we have the experience, courage, and motivation that will help get you the compensation you deserve. Our founding attorney has not only served as a judge and an attorney for many years, but was previously a major case detective, uniformed police officer, and SWAT officer in the metro Atlanta Area, so his inside knowledge directly impacts our ability to give you the best legal experience possible. We help clients that have been involved in accidents or injuries in multiple types of cases including the following:

Our team understands how difficult it can be when you and your loved ones are suffering through not only injuries and pain, but also the financial hardships that come from medical bills, insurance bills, and loss of income. We’ve also stood hand-in-hand with families who have lost a loved one in an accident. The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm has gotten justice for thousands of people and recovered MILLIONS of dollars for accident victims. The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm will not stop fighting for you until you get the justice and settlement that you deserve.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to accident and injury law, we are an all-encompassing law firm that not only helps to put those in the wrong to justice but also protects your “innocent until proven guilty” rights if you have been accused of a crime. Our attorneys help our clients in Social Security disability cases as well as the following:

An Attorney You Can Trust

Should you find yourself in any type of legal crisis, there’s no need to look any further than The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm. At The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm, you’re not just another number and you are just as important to us as every other client that we serve. Our personalized service and aggressive outlook towards getting you back on your feet financially, physically, and emotionally means that you can trust how hard we are working for your case. To contact The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION please call us at 256-547-4988.

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