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U-Haul Truck Accidents

A search on the Internet reveals that there are far too many stories of accidents that have occurred while driving a rented U-Haul truck or pulling one of their trailers. There are certainly incidents of accidents with trucks and trailers of all types, sizes and uses. There are some key differences between trucks and trailers rented to the public by U-Haul and other companies and those owned by a private party or business.
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Key Differences

  • Trucks owned by private parties and businesses are required to carry liability insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the state minimums. As with all automobile insurance there are other optional coverages available to the legal or registered owner (i.e. comprehensive and collision insurance).
  • Trucks owned by U-Haul and other rental companies typically carry insurance to protect their assets including liability to cover their business interests. By offering to sell “insurance” to renters of their trucks they are endeavoring to pass the risk and liability to the renter.
  • Trailers owned by private parties or businesses are insured differently. When a trailer is in tow, the liability coverage typically passes through from the towing vehicle. Additional liability coverage is not normally required or needed. As with other vehicle insurance there are the same types of optional coverage available to protect the asset.
  • Trailers owned by U-haul and other rental companies carry business insurance to protect the asset and liability as with their trucks. In the event of an accident while pulling a rented trailer, the liability coverage of the renter’s vehicle that is towing the trailer passes through and covers the trailer’s liability. Damage that may be caused to the trailer would not typically be covered unless the renter purchased optional insurance from the rental company.

None of the types of insurance carried by the rental company or the individuals renting the truck or trailer adequately address the issues of liability when a rented vehicle causes an accident. The issues are very complex concerning the determination of fault and liability. If you are involved in an accident while driving a rented truck or towing a rented trailer you will need the services of an attorney who is skilled in investigating the facts, proving liability and ensuring the responsible parties pay for the damages and injuries.

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