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Construction Injuries

An estimated one in ten construction workers will be hurt on the job this year. People working in the construction trades will tell you that they know that their jobs are more hazardous than many other types of professions. Many of them will also go on to tell you about what keeps them safe doing their job. Keep them talking and they will also relate stories about the accidents they’ve seen or experienced some of them involving serious injuries and even death.

Though construction might be dangerous work, employers have a responsibility to maintain certain safety standards to protect workers. If you or someone you care about suffered injury in a construction accident, please call 256-547-4988 to speak with one of our experienced lawyers for free. The caring and dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys at Shelnutt & Varner will help you through this difficult time.

What happens if I’m injured at the construction site?

Fortunately, the law requires employers to provide coverage for employees who are injured on the job called workers’ compensation. The two key provisions of workers’ compensation that protect you are:

Medical Coverage – Under the provisions of workers’ compensation you don’t have to worry about who is paying for the related medical expenses. There are some requirements about which doctor or medical center you have to visit but you know you can get treatment that you don’t have to pay for out of pocket.

Wage Replacement – Workers’ compensation provides compensation if you are required to miss work due to a work related injury or illness. It’s good to know that you won’t be without income if you have to be off work because of your injuries.

It’s comforting to know that you have some protection if you are hurt on the work site but the provisions of workers’ compensation have stringent requirements and don’t always easily provide the benefits you need or are entitled to.

As a construction tradesman you know how to perform your job but probably don’t know all of the nuances of a workers’ compensation claim. At Shelnutt & Varner we know the tools of our trade and understand the requirements of workers’ compensation. Every day we go to work and help people just like you, making sure that they get the benefits they are entitled to because they’ve been injured at work.

Going to work on a construction site means you have to trust other people to do their jobs in a way that gets the job done. If you are hurt at work, you need someone with the tools and experience to make sure you are taken care of. Please contact the right people for the job at Shelnutt & Varner, P.C. by calling 256-547-4988 or contact our office online today. Serving the Southeast, as well as Texas and Oklahoma.

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