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Protection from Domestic Abuse Violations

If you have been the victim of domestic abuse or are aware of abuse against your children, it is time to take a stand and protect yourselves. In the southeast, the courts have steps available to help get you and your children to safety and away from your abuser. It is in your best interest to seek the services of our experienced domestic violence attorneys to help you file a lawsuit against your abuser and seek protection from domestic abuse orders (PFAs).

At Shelnutt & Varner, our principal lawyer, James Shelnutt, has been serving in the legal system for decades. He has had the pleasure of serving as a police officer and police instructor and also as a judge. He has been working as a skilled attorney for over a decade and will use all of this valuable insight to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. If you’d like to schedule a free case review, please contact Shelnutt & Varner by calling 256-547-4988.

What Are Domestic Abuse Orders?

In the southeast, there are laws put in place, known as protection from domestic abuse orders (PFA), to help protect you and your family members from domestic abuse. Here are the types of PFAs that our attorney can help you gain from the southeast court system:

Scared woman sitting on ground and covering her head in fear of domestic violence

Temporary PFA — if a judge believes it imperative to immediately protect you from your abuser, a temporary, emergency PFA can be filed which will have the following associated with it:

  • Can get a temporary PFA without abuser’s knowledge and without a full court hearing
  • Temporary custody of your children
  • Possession of a vehicle and personal items, with police escort to gather children and items from your home if necessary
  • Relief necessary for you and your children’s protection
  • Abuser must end all abusive, menacing, or stalking behavior
  • Abuser must stay away from you and your children
  • Abuser must not destroy or hide joint property

Final PFA — a long-term PFA must be issued at a hearing that the abuser has been notified of and can be present at. A final PFA is considered permanent and will have the following associated with it:

  • The abuser has the chance to present their case
  • Our domestic violence lawyers present your case on behalf of you and your children
  • There isn’t an expiration date associated with a final PFA unless a judge decides otherwise
  • You must attend the final PFA hearing or you may lose your temporary PFA
  • Judge may give you possession or the family home and force the abuser to leave the home
  • Abuser may have to pay child support, spousal support, attorney’s fees, and court costs
  • Judge may decide to allow supervised or unsupervised child visitation, or zero child interaction if necessary
  • You may be granted use of the vehicle
  • Abuser is not allowed to own or purchase a gun with a permanent PFA against them

Lawsuit After a PFA

After a PFA has been established, our attorneys can help get your abuser put away and serving the sentence they deserve. We can also ensure that you get the compensation you deserve from your abuser. Additionally, during the entire legal process, we have access to resources that can help get you protected from your abuser until he/she is behind bars. For help with your case, please contact Shelnutt & Varner today for a free case evaluation. We serve clients in the Southeast, as well as Texas and Oklahoma. Call us today at 256-547-4988.

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