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When I came to your firm, I was concerned about the “good old boy” system in Gadsden. I had seen and heard horror stories over the years about how lawyers sell out their clients. You guys are not like that and I appreciate you standing up for me and fighting for my rights. I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do then there are no other lawyers I would hire other than your firm.

This law firm did an excellent job in my automobile accident case and I spoke with Mr. Shelnutt and his staff members several times after hours. According to my wife I’m pretty hard to please but these guys did a great job. Very nice people and I would definitely hire them again. I also know several other people who have used them that were satisfied.

Going through a divorce has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through. However, your firm made a difficult process much more bearable. The time you spent with me re-assuring me that life was not over and that your firm would take care of me was one of the things that got me through. You and your staff did an excellent job and really shined when it came time for court. Thank you for helping me get a great outcome at court and fighting for me to keep custody of my kids. You guys are phenomenal and I will always send people your way.

I have applied for my disability several times and used (law firms name removed out of professionalism). I was denied and felt it was hopeless. I knew someone that had just gotten approved and they had used Mr. Shelnutt. He was able to get me my disability without another hearing! His staff is exceptionally helpful and very knowledgeable. I would not recommend anyone else. Thank You to The Shelnutt Law Firm.

They have a great staff. Always polite and helpful. Mr. Shelnutt does a great job and you can tell he truly cares for his clients. The other attorney Mr. Varner is always there for assistance if needed. Overall had a wonderful experience and would recommend and go back in the future!!

I was in a motorcycle accident after a moving van pulled out in front of me. I had a severe head injury, broken ribs and broken wrist. I initially hired another firm in Birmingham to handle my case. It was a firm that advertises on every television station, billboards, etc.. My thought was that if I go to a bigger firm in a bigger city such as Birmingham or Huntsville, then I will find a better attorney…right?? Well, I was WRONG!! It didn’t take me long to realize that these big firms are “trying to bring in and settle as many cases as they can.” I was simply a “number” to the Birmingham Firm. I met with several attorneys in Gadsden but Mr. Shelnutt made me feel comfortable and it was clear that he knew what he was talking about. I fired the other firm and hired the Shelnutt Law Firm. From the first day, it was obvious that I had made the right decision. They did everything they could to help me and I got a great settlement from the insurance company that was over 2 times what the Birmingham firm had told me my case was worth. Another plus is that their fees were actually a little cheaper than the Birmingham firm. Mr. Shelnutt is definitely in demand and does stay busy and is in court a lot. However, I NEVER felt he was too busy for my case. Also he has a good size staff who are always there to help. They are nice people and he is a good, honest lawyer. You won’t go wrong hiring this firm. I can’t comment on the other areas of law they practice but I think they also do social security disability claims and criminal defense, divorce and some other areas. I will hire them for any future legal problems.

The Shelnutt Law Firm is a great firm. James Shelnutt and Davis Varner are very caring and honest attorney’s. They have a very helpful staff. Who are there to help you in your time of need.

I was not sure if i needed an attorney after a car wreck, i learned very quickly that I did not have time for the games the insurance company wanted to play. After hiring The Shelnutt Law Firm they took it from there. Not only did I no longer have the hassle, but I was able to get much more money than the insurance company tried to offer me before I had an attorney!!!! I will certainly be using them again if I ever need an attorney.

I was going through a divorce with my ex-husband and these lawyers were excellent. My ex was abusive to me and was fooling around. They were able to get me primary custody, a good property settlement and alimony. My ex-husband didn’t have a problem being abusive and threatening with me but he met his match with these guys. I know this sounds childish, but it was nice to see him get put in his place. They did great in and out of the court room and their fees were reasonable. I would hire this law firm again in a split second.

My son is a college student and was arrested for a DUI after going out with some friends. I had seen the television commercials for this law firm but really didn’t know much about them or what to expect when I hired them. My son and I met with them and he decided he wanted to hire them. They are not expensive but they are not cheap. I guess they charge about what you would expect to pay for any good lawyer. They did let me work out payment which was helpful to me as my son is in college and I’m a single mom. They went to court and worked out a deal to get my son’s case dismissed. I’m happy because this could have hurt his chances at getting a good job after graduating from college. These attorneys earned their money and I’m glad we hired them.

I wanted to drop a note to you and your staff to let you know how much we appreciate the time and effort that you spent on our family’s accident case. After we hired our prior attorney in Birmingham, we never felt right about it. I’m glad my sister referred me to you and put your firm in our lives. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome of our case and we refer everyone to your firm who needs a lawyer. Please keep up the good fight and let us know if we can ever help you in any way. God Bless.

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