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Being attacked by a dog can have a profound impact on the emotional and physical health of the victim. Not only can dog bites lead to infection, disfigurement, and pain, they can cause severe mental distress and may even lead to a lifelong fear of man’s best friend.

If you have been attacked by an uncontrolled dog in the southeast, our dog bite attorneys can help. Please contact Shelnutt & Varner Firm online or by calling 256-547-4988 to schedule your free consultation and learn how.

Understanding Dog Bite Laws

In the southeast, dog bite victims are entitled to seek compensation for injuries that occur on a dog owner’s property so long as the bite victim was legally on the premises. In addition, victims of dog bites in the southeast area can file suit if a dog chased them off of the property so long as being on the premise in the first place was allowed. If this sounds complex, it gets even more so when an injury occurs off of a dog owner’s property.

If a dog attacks you or your child off of the owner’s property, your right to seek damages falls under common law principles. Under these rules, if the owner did not know his animal was vicious, he is only responsible for actual damages such as medical expenses. If, however, he knew his dog was volatile and such knowledge can be proven in court, the owner can be held liable for other damages as well including physical pain and emotional duress.

Under dog bite law, owners are responsible for taking account of the “general propensities” of the breed of dog they own. This means that the owner of a known vicious breed can be held liable for noneconomic damages (pain and suffering) even if their dog had no history of aggressive behavior – strictly because other dogs of that breed are known to be dangerous. And so the complexities compile, making it clearer at each turn why an experienced dog bite attorney will be needed for your case.

The dog bite attorneys at our firm know how to investigate these cases to prove liability and how to fight for our clients to secure maximum compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered a dog attack, please call 256-547-4988 to schedule a free case evaluation and learn how we can help you get the full compensation you deserve.

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