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If you’re looking for experienced and aggressive lawyers with a long track record of success, then you’ve come to the right place. Our personal injury attorneys won’t hesitate to fight for you every step of the way and won’t back down when it comes to protecting your rights. We have been up against some of the best lawyers in Alabama and the southeast and have what it takes to get you the best possible result in your particular case. Shelnutt & Varner prides itself on providing clients with a legal experience that is as good as you will receive anywhere in Alabama and the southeast region. Each of our attorneys holds a Juris Doctorate of Law Degree from one of the leading accredited law schools in the southeast region. Each school has a long history of producing some of the top attorneys in the country that have been recognized as some of the best in their field. Our attorneys all graduated with varying degrees of honors and scholastic achievements as well.
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One of the things that makes Shelnutt &Varner unique is the diversified experiences of our founding Attorney, James Shelnutt. Prior to pursuing a law degree, James had a successful and distinguished career in law enforcement that involved working in the uniform patrol division as a field training officer, serving as a police instructor, serving as a special operations detective investigating major case crimes, and as a SWAT team entry member.

After earning a law degree, James also assisted as a municipal prosecutor for several years. James later was voted into 2 consecutive terms as a municipal judge where he served in that position for nearly 7 years and was responsible for presiding of a variety of criminal offenses, issuing arrest warrants and issuing search warrants. During his time as a municipal judge, over 10,000 cases came across the court docket. He has also maintained a successful practice since graduating from law school in 2002 and has represented thousands of clients. James also served as an “on air” legal commentator on one of the highest-rated radio shows in the State of Alabama and has authored numerous legal articles. James’ well-rounded understanding of the law gives him an insight that he would not have otherwise and there aren’t many legal situations that our team hasn’t experienced.

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On top of having personal contact with our two main attorneys, you will also have access to our staff of highly-trained and experienced paralegals. You will always be able to get in touch with someone at our firm to answer your questions and calm your worries. We operate with integrity and honesty and will ensure that you get the help that you need. Also, our contingency-fee policy means that in many types of cases, you only pay if you recover in your case and you will pay nothing up-front. Please contact our team of attorneys today for a FREE CASE REVIEW by calling 256-547-4988.
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