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Parole and Probation Violation

When you’ve been charged with a crime in the southeast, you may be released from incarceration early and placed on parole or probation. When you are under parole or probation, it is imperative not to violate the terms of your parole agreement. Probation or parole violations are serious infringements that the government does not take lightly. If you break these agreements, you may face a loss of your probation and possibly be sentenced to more jail time. When you’re faced with a charge claiming that you violated your parole or probation, it is imperative to seek representation from our attorneys. Contact us today by calling 256-547-4988.

Telling Your Side of the Story

At The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm, we have decades of experience helping tell our client’s stories and fighting so that we can help them out of a situation that may land them back in prison. Our principal attorney, James Shelnutt, has not only worked for over a decade as an attorney but also serves as a judge and has worked as a police investigator. With this massive breadth of experience, our attorneys bring abilities to your case that other attorneys can’t offer.

When fighting a claim against your parole or probation, it is imperative to seek out all of the facts of your case. Our attorneys have experience in doing this and will determine the following to help you with your case:

  • Were your parole/probation requirements too stringent?
  • Were there unusual consequences that forced you to break probation terms?
  • Were the allegations against your parole/probation violation untrue?

Experience You Can Trust

In addition to Mr. Shelnutt’s experience with every facet of the law, he has worked with local prosecutors on countless occasions to help clients that deserve a chance to rebuild their lives. Oftentimes, he is able to work out new terms for our clients’ parole or probation that are better-suited for our clients’ needs. We can help you demonstrate to the court that you are serious about moving beyond your past transgressions and developing a new life.

We have helped clients that were involved in the following parole/probation violations:

  • Failure to Appear in Court
  • Failure to Meet Counseling Requirements
  • Failure to Attend Rehabilitation, Drug or Alcohol Education, or Counseling Sessions
  • Violation of Curfew
  • Failure to Check In With Parole/Probation Officers
  • Arrest while under parole or probation
  • Positive Drug or Alcohol Test
  • Associating With Known Felons
  • Breaking Physical/Living Requirements
  • Participation in Any Illegal Activity
  • Court Referral Office Violations

Contact our Parole/Probation Violation Attorneys Today

If you are in need of counsel after a parole or probation violation, please contact The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm today. Our attorneys will give you personal attention and will always make your case a priority. Take the crucial step to protect your future and contact our attorneys today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at 256-547-4988.

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