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Court Referral Office (CRO) Violations

As part of the punishment or conditional release from incarceration, criminal offenders may be required to submit to regular or random drug/alcohol tests. Or, drug testing may be ordered as part of a preliminary criminal drug or DUI investigation.

For those who fail these tests, the consequences can be severe and may include heavy fines or jail time. The legal team at The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm represents people who are facing restrictive sentencing or revocation of parole or probation due to positive test results. Please call 256-547-4988 today for a free consultation.

Fight Failed Tests

If you’ve failed a drug or alcohol test issued by the Court Referral Office — the office that enforces law requiring random testing or screening of all drug/alcohol offenders — you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to help you avoid serious consequences. An experienced team like ours has in-depth knowledge of drug and alcohol offense law, as well as CRO violations and how to navigate through the court system. At the Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm, we understand that not every CRO violation charge is cut and dry.

Extenuating circumstances, mental health complications, problems at home, and other issues can make it difficult to meet the often stringent requirements of your probation, parole or alternative sentence.

Court Referral Officers are in charge of monitoring the progress of defendants. We’ve worked with Court Referral Officers, and we know the special nuances of this state criminal monitoring system.

Don’t just sit and wait for positive drug or alcohol test results to take away freedoms you’ve earned. Sit down with our lawyers to discuss your rights, your defense options, and your future. We’ll do our best to apply a creative legal strategy and help you get past the challenge of a serious CRO violation.

If you’ve been charged with a CRO violation, let our experienced attorneys help you get through the legal process. Please contact The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm online or by phone at 256-547-4988 today for your free personal criminal defense consultation.

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