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Workers’ Compensation

If you’re injured on the job, you have a right to collect compensation for lost income and medical bills, right? The workers’ compensation system exists to protect workers from financial hardship in the event of an on-the-job injury. Employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance.

But anyone who has been through the injured workers’ claim process knows that getting the money they need can be a challenge. The truth is that the rights of injured workers are not always acknowledged and respected. If you need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, please call The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm to learn how our lawyers can preserve your rights: 256-547-4988.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under workers’ compensation laws, people who become temporarily or permanently disabled can still collect a substantial portion of their paychecks (usually about two-thirds). If the injury was sustained during a job-related activity, the company’s workers’ compensation fund should reimburse injured workers for all medical costs associated with the injury. This may include emergency room visits, medications, medical equipment, physical therapy, and other costs. Retraining or “vocational rehabilitation” benefits may be available as well. Diseases acquired through job-related activities are also covered, although workers may find that the system requires verifiable proof that the condition resulted from their specific work duties.

Getting the Benefits You Deserve

If you’ve been injured on the job, and your company is denying you full medical or disability benefits, it may be time to talk to The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm. Our legal team has helped countless injured victims get the money they need to take care of medical bills and everyday costs of living. Our goal is to make sure you not only get the money you need now but also that you are provided for during the entire duration of your disability. Our investigators work with medical experts to evaluate your injury and determine a reasonable prognosis. Whether you have a permanent partial disability (PPD), a permanent total disability (PTD), or a temporary disability, the attorneys at the Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm will fight hard to help you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Hearing loss, disfigurement, death and burial, and other benefits may be available to you depending on the individual details of your claim. If a loved one was killed in a job-related accident, the surviving spouse and dependents may be entitled to collect benefits through workers’ compensation or, depending on the circumstances, a wrongful death claim.

Learn more about the workers’ compensation laws and your right to compensation after a serious injury. Please contact The Shelnutt & Varner Law Firm online or by phone at 256-547-4988 today to set up your free personal consultation.

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