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What Makes Our Gadsden Law Firm Different?

Professionalism: There are other Birmingham and Gadsden law firms who tend to use publicity stunts and used car salesman tactics to lure you into calling one of their many offices. All you need to do is turn on the television to see their commercials or ride down virtually any stretch of interstate to see their billboards. While we specifically make no representation about the quality of legal representation, one way or the other, that you will receive at any of these “state wide” or “nationwide” firms, we can comment on the quality of representation you will receive at our firm.

Clients Come First: While we have represented thousands of clients over the years, we refuse to give into the temptation of choosing “quantity over quality.” Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, “quality over quantity.” What does that involve? It involves The Shelnutt Law Firm taking the time to give each client the individual attention that client deserves. Every case is different and your case is no exception. Our goal is to make you feel like you are the only client we have. Your questions will always be answered, you’ll always be treated with respect and dignity and the information you share with us will always remain confidential. We’ll be your trusted partner throughout the process.

Competent and Aggressive Representation: At The Shelnutt Law Firm, we will take the time to properly analyze your case and give you exceptional legal representation. This involves spending time on your case and using every legal tactic and option available to get you the best possible result. While you won’t see our lawyers swinging a sledgehammer, standing on top of a semi or snapping our fingers for a check, you will see our attorneys provide you aggressive, competent legal representation and fight tooth and nail for you, every inch of the way. We promise not to back down from anyone. That’s how an attorney gets a client the best result possible.

Substantial “Hands On “Experience: Our principal, James Shelnutt, has not only served as a successful lawyer for many years, but also presided over thousands of cases as a municipal judge. Prior to becoming an attorney, James Shelnutt also served in the metro Atlanta area as a Police Detective investigating major case crimes, served as a police instructor, and has investigated over 1,000 accidents as a police officer. He has also served as a legal commentator on both local and nationally syndicated radio and currently serves as a weekly legal commentator and advisor for the “Dave Mack Show,” which has won numerous broadcasting awards. James Shelnutt has also advised Dave Mack on legal matters before Dave’s appearances on nationally syndicated shows such as the “Nancy Grace Show.” His exceptional knowledge of the all-encompassing legal world means that you will be hiring an attorney that has the following benefits for your side:

  • Has been in the field investigating accidents
  • Understands how police officers operate when they collect evidence and process a scene
  • Has instructed hundreds of police officers on the proper ways to handle criminals, cases, and evidence
  • Has experience presiding on over 10,000 cases as a judge
  • Has experience trying, mediating, and settling multitudes of cases as an attorney
  • Has a history of obtaining multi-million dollar settlements and judgments for clients.
  • Has a history of winning and successfully handling cases that other firms turned down

No Fee Guarantee:

When representing clients in injury, accident and social security cases, we operate on a contingency-fee basis which means that we don’t accept any up-front fees or payments. We cover all of the expenses necessary to build your case, such as investigative fees, expert witness fees, medical records expenses, filing fees and other expenses. We GUARANTEE that if you do not make a recovery in your case, then you won’t owe us a dime! We will only be paid If, and only if, you recover in your case.

Affordable Fees and Payment Plans:

In cases involving DUI, criminal defense, divorce, custody and business matters, our fees are reasonable and payment plans are often available. Rest assured that our attorneys take pride in our work and are here to help you. To contact The Shelnutt Law Firm today for a free consultation, please call 256-547-4988.

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