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Motorcycle Accident Questions

How Do You Prove Fault in a Motorcycle Injury Case?

At The Shelnutt Law Firm, our legal team knows that all successful accident cases show that negligence caused the accident and that the negligence resulted in severe injury or death. We use a very methodical strategy for assembling solid evidence. Our team uses their years of experience to look in the right places for answers.

To prove to a court that another’s negligence led to the motorcycle accident and injuries, we immerse ourselves in the details of your accident so we’re sure not to miss a single detail. We interview witnesses and talk to physicians, specialists, and emergency room personnel to get all the facts on your injuries. We reconstruct the accident to show that it could have only happened one way. Then we use what we’ve found as leverage to get you a fair settlement. If need be, we’ll go to court and demonstrate exactly what happened to prove beyond doubt that you deserve compensation.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover?

The types of damages you are entitled to after a motorcycle accident will depend on a number of things. The exact details of the crash, the degree of negligence, what laws were broken, the severity of your injuries, the future implications of the injuries, and how your family was affected will all be taken into account. Once we feel that we have gathered all of the pertinent information, we’ll work with an accounting team to put a dollar figure to your case. Damages may include property loss, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, lost income, and punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer.

Will the Settlement Cover All of My Medical Expenses?

Our goal is to get you a dollar amount that exceeds your financial needs. We believe that “breaking even” is simply not acceptable. We start with the obvious financial expenses (such as vehicle replacement and medical costs) and build upon them based on the effects your accident has had on your psychological and emotional state — as well as your family’s welfare. In many severe injury cases, victims can expect medical needs to continue far beyond the present. We work with medical professionals to estimate the amount the injury could cost you over a lifetime so you have a pool of funds to be ready to assist you with future medical needs.

How Long Will It Take to Get Compensated for My Injury?

Each motorcycle injury claim has a unique timeline. However, we understand that lost income and medical bills can put a family in financial distress. That’s why we’ll work as quickly as possible to get you the settlement money you deserve.

Get the answers to all your motorcycle accident questions from a law firm that cares about its clients. Please contact The Shelnutt Law Firm through our online form or call 256-547-4988 today for your personal, confidential consultation.

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