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Disorderly Conduct

What exactly does the criminal charge “disorderly conduct” refer to? Because this type of offense has a lot to do with how others perceive your behavior, it may not always be clear what types of actions qualify as disorderly conduct violations. For instance, “becoming a public nuisance” or “disturbing the peace” could be interpreted very differently depending on who you ask.

That’s why each state has its own definition of disorderly conduct. And that’s also why an attorney may be a great advantage when facing this type of charge. If you’re facing legal action for a disorderly conduct charge, please call The Shelnutt Law Firm at 256-547-4988 to find out how our Anniston attorneys can assist you. Your initial consultation is free.

A Slippery Definition

Loitering, being drunk or belligerent in public, and inciting a riot can all be considered violations, depending on the location and surrounding environment. The term “disruptive” seems broad and open to interpretation. For example, screaming at the top of your lungs in a restaurant may be considered disturbing the peace, but doing the same on a carnival ride would not. And you do not necessarily have to present any danger to anyone to be charged with disorderly conduct, but rather be considered to be acting in a disruptive manner.

In some cases we’ve seen, police officers may actually be provoking suspects in order to get them to cross that narrow line from abnormal behavior to disruptive. Because the term “disorderly conduct” can include a variety of types of behavior, it often takes a skilled defense team to demonstrate why charges should be dropped or alternative punishment should be considered. Felony charges can be downgraded to misdemeanors or argued away altogether with the right approach.

Experienced Defense

If you’ve been charged with a disorderly conduct violation, you could benefit from the experienced legal guidance of a highly skilled criminal defense team. Disorderly conduct is considered a minor offense but can do damage to a person’s reputation, especially when compounded with past or future offenses. Steep fines, jail time, community service, and counseling are just a few of the potential consequences of a conviction.

The Shelnutt Law Firm handles all types of disorderly conduct, including:

  • Inciting a Riot
  • Obstructing Traffic
  • Loitering
  • Public Drunkenness
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Physical Altercations
  • Excessive Noise
  • Obscene Language
  • Public Harassment

We understand that unusual circumstances and misunderstandings can lead to charges that could affect your future. Don’t let a disorderly conduct charge disrupt your lifestyle and leave a stain on your record.

If you’re facing charges of disorderly conduct, The Shelnutt Law Firm can defend you with time-tested legal skills. Please contact our legal team online or give us a call at 256-547-4988 today for a free criminal defense consultation.

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