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Testimonial 4

They have a great staff. Always polite and helpful. Mr. Shelnutt does a great job and you can tell he truly cares for his clients. The other attorney Mr. Varner is always there for assistance if needed. Overall had a wonderful experience and would recommend and go back in the future!!

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Testimonial 3

I have applied for my disability several times and used (law firms name removed out of professionalism). I was denied and felt it was hopeless. I knew someone that had just gotten approved and they had used Mr. Shelnutt. He was able to get me my disability without another hearing! His staff is exceptionally helpful

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Testimonial 1

When I came to your firm, I was concerned about the “good old boy” system in Gadsden. I had seen and heard horror stories over the years about how lawyers sell out their clients. You guys are not like that and I appreciate you standing up for me and fighting for my rights. I hope

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